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Güvercin forum 2009

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 Coach bags often have a surprise

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Güvercin Forum 2009 -- > Vip Uye

Güvercin Forum 2009 -- > Vip Uye

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Coach bags often have a surprise Empty
MesajKonu: Coach bags often have a surprise   Coach bags often have a surprise EmptyPerş. Ekim 07, 2010 8:35 am

Many people believe that bags under the eyes are the older people only with a relationship, it is not true, because the pressure of coach bags modern life, resulting in many women even though very young, the pouch has gradually emerged. Because the formation of bags under the eyes and life habits and genetic, long-term lack of sleep, often wear coach handbags contact lenses, makeup or other cause not gentle. If the pouch is too large, giving a tired looking eyes and the feeling, but also affect the look, so take note of eye care and the small details of daily life, then the coach wallets under the eyes is avoided. Let us together look at how the bottom drag over the details of daily life that bags under the eyes to eliminate it. Lack of sleep can cause eye and black eye which is known to the people, because the coach outlet blood is not circulating, it is prone to puffy eyes. For lack of sleep caused by the bags under the eyes, the method can be alleviated by cold compresses. Wrapped with two or three ice particles in the coach bags outlet towel on the eyelid fold, and then put ice on it. With the frozen tea bags or cotton pad soaked in cold milk, but also swelling sedation. Or two cotton balls soaked in ice water sanitation and fresh milk mixture, control to the Bacheng water, coach factory outlet online deposited in the eyes for 15 minutes, 1 or 2 times a day. Or a towel soaked in ice water with a small square, twist to Bacheng dry, folded strip placed on the eyelids grow. Can also be effective to the eye. Prone to coach factory store online under the eyes of the people should take more exercise, or often do the face, eye massage to help the local loop, and eating salty or too spicy as the food. Eat too much before going to bed too heavy taste of food, drink too much water, the factory coach outlet formation of upper eyelid edema and bags under the eyes are the reason. Therefore, in order to avoid swollen eyes the next day, before going to bed try not to drink. Cucumber cosmetic effect Needless to say, many people are warm beauty of the recommended. For bags under the eyes, the parts in the coach outlet factory under the eyes, before putting the sliced cucumber, to calm the skin to help alleviate the symptoms of dark circles. But do remember that rinsing the skin clean and cucumber eye mask thin, easy to sunburn, so to avoid the coach store online sun, so as not remove the bags under the eyes has more freckles. If the reasons for exclusion stay up all night, with long bags under the eyes, there may be due to pressure caused by liver or liver dysfunction. The coach outlet store solution: Choose a campaign to make himself relax, and stick to it, such as yoga. Eat plenty of natural foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, but please leave alcohol. At the same time we must pay close attention to sleep, so that the coach outlet online skin in the rest of the eye to recover.
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Coach bags often have a surprise
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